Monday, February 19, 2007


By Matt Hill

Renzo Gracie: “I Would Rather Fight Without Rules”

“To be honest, I would rather fight this without rules,” Renzo Gracie said about his recent win over Frank Shamrock. “Believe it…I like it, I love it!”

Renzo of course was speaking here in response to the illegal strikes he received courtesy of Frank Shamrock in their fight at the recent Elite XC show. In many fans’ eyes, Gracie was controlling Frank and Shamrock’s quick way out was by way of illegal strikes. Though Frank may deny it, the knees he delivered to the back of Renzo’s head were seen by many as intentional and many thought he landed the knees precisely where he intended to.

“Gracie vs. Shamrock” was the main event fight for EliteXC’s inaugural show in Southaven, Miss. After dominating Shamrock for the first 7 minutes of the main event, Gracie was struck with two illegal knees to the back of his head that left his thoughts muddled and his vision blurry.

As Renzo writhed around on the cage floor in misery, an indignant Shamrock repeatedly looked through the cage fence with his shoulders shrugged and said to the crowd, “I’m sorry, I thought we were fighting…I guess I’m old school.”

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