Monday, February 12, 2007

Shane Mosley: Back up that Mountain

By David P. Greisman

Logic dictates that the career of Shane Mosley should be going nowhere but downhill.

The numbers add up and load the equation. Age? 35. Experience? Twenty-five years in boxing, fourteen as a pro. Weight? 147 pounds. After four years of campaigning at junior middleweight, Mosley is hoping that he can regain his young form in his old weight class. And in attempting to succeed where others have failed, Mosley is taking on the most indefatigable of foes – history.

Mosley, though, is already well acquainted with the situation thanks to years of training camps at Big Bear in California. With altitude comes seclusion, and from isolation comes peace, the lack of distractions while “Sugar Shane” prepares for big challenges and big fights. So for nearly a decade, Mosley has let loose by snowboarding, that rapid rush from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys. He knows what it is to be down. And he is familiar with what it takes to climb back up that mountain.

In 1999, Mosley ventured directly from lightweight to welterweight, a smaller man in the land of the large. He became champion. And then Vernon Forrest gave him his first loss. Undaunted, Mosley looked up at his lengthy foe and went back to climbing. Once more, defeat. Sisyphus never had it so rough.

A wiser man realizes his limits. Wiser men, however, know not how to dream, and they sure as heck never reach the sky.

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Boxing Daily said...

Mosley has proven his critics wrong with this win.

Not only did he win, but he won very convincing and so he has proven himself to boxing fans everywhere that he is still a force in the sport.