Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tapia's final gym flurry!

In preparation for his final bout, five-time world champion Johnny Tapia held his final workout today at the John Crego Memorial Gym in the South Valley, Albuquerque.

On target for tomorrow’s weigh-in, Tapia showed flash and plenty of fury—the results of a tough training camp in Farmington, N.M., under Philly’s Kevin Henry.

“Johnny’s looking great,” said Henry.

“He’s going to look nothing like his last fight—he wants to put on a show.”

Put on a show is what Tapia did at the gym today, urging locals David Martinez and Gabe Gonzales to loosen up and have fun.

“He is in excellent condition,” said Henry. “In that last bout, he didn’t prepare. This time, you’ll see one hell of a show.”

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