Sunday, February 4, 2007

Team USA Dominates "World's Best Fighter"

(February 3rd, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City) It may have been chaotic behind the scenes, but at tonight's "World's Best Fighter" event at Boardwalk Hall, the action in the ring more than make up for it. With matchmaker Ed Hsu's card pitting some of New Jersey's best against representatives from South Korean, China and Japan, the evening's "Team USA versus Team Asia" motif steadily became "Team USA beating the crap out of Team Asia". Yes folks, aside from two impressive KOs in the San Da bouts, it was a veritable MMA trouncing. Highlights of the night included:

-Team Tiger Schulmann's Lyman Good, who utilized precision striking to put the game Julio Cruz on queer street and keep him there until the ref stepped in.

-The spirited submission battle waged by Kevin Roddy and Jong Man Kim. Kim had some fantastic grappling, but Roddy was always a step ahead, and had Kim tapping before the end of the first round.

-Greg Soto's one-side beatdown over Hyun Kyu Lim. From takedown to hellacious elbows to armbar, this bout was all Soto.

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