Saturday, February 3, 2007

UFC Interested In Kid Yamamoto & Event In Japan?

Las Vegas, NV 2/1 (2/2 Japan time) - The UFC has shown interest in god's child. After the 2006 PRIDE Open-Weight Champ Mirko Crocop (32 = Croatia) transferred to the world's largest MMA organization, the amount of attention on the UFC has greatly increased. President Dana White (37) revealed that he would like to hold an event in Japan, possibly by the end of this year. It would be the first event in Japan in seven years. White also indicated interest in both the 2005 HERO's Middleweight champion Norifmi KID Yamamoto and PRIDE's Lightweight champion Takanori Gomi. Japan's MMA is being invaded by black ships.

With its popularity zooming, the UFC is paying attention to Japan's top stars.

UFC President Dana White: "From a personal perspective, not as a UFC representative, I think that KID Yamamoto and Gomi are extremely good fighters. They could both be champions in our organization. K-1 is kickboxing so it's a bit different, but PRIDE has some magnificent fighters. It's for certain that us and PRIDE have the best quality fighters."

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