Monday, February 19, 2007

UFC is Trying to Educate the Athletic Commissions

The UFC is making a strong push to get sanctioned in states that currently don’t allow MMA, or aren’t governed by the athletic commissions. The UFC will not run shows that are not athletic commission regulated. They are going after the big markets, like Chicago, Detroit, and New York, in particular.

As part of this effort, the UFC will be filming instructional videos, put together by Joe Silva, Big John McCarthy, and Marc Ratner, to help athletic commissions and state legislatures understand what the sport of MMA is all about, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestlingobserver. These videos will also help the athletic commissions educate prospective judges and referees who don’t understand the technical aspect of the sport and what really goes on on the ground. They are used to boxing and really don’t understand that you can actually be winning the fight from your back.

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