Wednesday, March 28, 2007

20 questions with TUF 5 fighter Andy Wang

By Robert Cheshire

Andy Wang is the next fighter who took the time to answer our “Quick Shots” questions. Andy looks to show that he is the real deal and not just another fighter thinking they are “The Last Dragon” to enter the Octagon.

1. Name: Andy Wang

2. Do you have a nickname? "Yellow Peril" It was originally a racist term used by the West against Asians, particularly Chinese people, from immigrating. Since then, it has become a symbol for persevering and not giving up during hard times. I'd like to think I share some of those same qualities.

3. Place of birth: Kaoshiung, Taiwan. You can thank us for all the computer chips and cheap toys you guys have bought over the years!

4. Birthday: May 28, 1977, but I always use the Chinese calendar when a girl asks me my age, which is about 10 years behind. (Laughs)

5. Fight Record: 8-6

6. How long have you competed in MMA? I started competing in MMA when I was about 9 or 10 years old and a kid came up to me at school and not only asked me for my lunch money, but proceeded to reach his hands into my pockets to check for himself. He had both hands in my pockets and I thought, "How is he going to protect his face?" He didn't.

7 . How did you get started in competing? The first time I saw the UFC on videotape back in 1995, I felt right away that those guys who entered the Octagon, win or lose, were modern day warriors. I wanted to become one.

8. Who do you train with? Bruce Leroy is a legend in my town! He can bite bullets with his teeth, he'll never bow down to anybody, even if they are wearing Converse! Rumor has it he can even glow...

9. What is your favorite UFC moment? Back in the early UFC when Fred Ettish fought Johnny Rhodes. I remember my stomach was turning as Fred was getting beat, and I was screaming at the TV, "Tap...why don't you just tap!" It was then that I realized Fred, even in defeat, had more heart and character than 99.9% of the people in this world.

10 . What is your favorite TUF moment from the previous seasons? So far my favorite was when Dana White dropped $10,000 cash for a billiards game between the coaches, Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz...I'm Chinese, which means cash gets me really, really excited. (Laughs)

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