Thursday, March 29, 2007

20 questions with TUF 5 fighter Brian Geraghty

By Robert Cheshire

This time on Quick Shots we visit with The Duke. No, not John Wayne but Brian Geraghty from the Freestyle Academy. You can catch up with him and the other fighters this season of The Ultimate Fighter premiering April 5.

1. Name: Brian Geraghty

2. Do you have a nickname? Dangerous Duke Danger (Quad D)

3. Place of birth: Kenosha, WI

4. Birthday: November 4, 1980

5. Fight Record: 24-9-2

6. How long have you competed in MMA? Since '99

7. How did you get started in competing? I started training just to learn submissions and to stay out of trouble. A few months later I found myself in a ring with a 2 ton bear. It ended up a split decision the bear beat me. From there I started competing regularly.

8. Who do you train with? Dave Strasser and the boys at the Freestyle Academy.

9. What is your favorite UFC moment? When Fred Ettish was waiting for his after fight interview -which he never got- after the beating he took. The look on his face was priceless.

10. What is your favorite TUF moment from the previous seasons? When Solomon was making fun of Rory Singer.

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