Saturday, March 31, 2007

Arona will use ground game at Pride

Photo Marcelo Alonso

The BTT athlete, Ricardo Arona, will try the revenge at Pride 34 against the Cameroonian Thierry Sokoudjou, who won by KO his teammate Rogério Minotouro, at Pride Las Vegas. “The intention is to win and make revenge my friend Rogério, who was not very lucky, but will have another chance against Sokoudjou. I am training much more now, because as much as you prepare yourself, more close from the victory you will be” said Arona.

The BJJ black belt, confess that he doesn’t know his adversary very well, but he already has a tactical for the bout. “I will be ready for the ground or the stand up game. I don’t know absolutely anything about him; I just know that he has good punches and kicks. Somebody said me that he is Judo black belt, but I don’t have this confirm. But the thing I know is that he have a basic ground game, so my objective is to put the fight to the ground and work with him on the ground”, said Arona.


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