Tuesday, March 6, 2007

BodogFight: St. Petersburg, The Women Face-Off Tuesday on ION

Don’t miss Tuesday’s special presentation on female mixed martial artists - plus four incredible fights! Bodog.com Entertainment has unleashed its second season of mixed martial arts (MMA) action to fans worldwide in an incredible series of fights and behind-the-scenes drama. This week on Tues March. 6th, the fury continues with Akano vs. Chan, Baszler vs. Modafferi, Sexton vs. Damm and Buckner vs. Kedzie . Fans can catch the action online at http://www.bodogfight.com/ or on ION Media Networks, available in over 90 million homes throughout the United States, at 11PM/10 Central.

Hitomi Akano was crowned the Judo champion in Osaka and is a member of the AACC. Akano stands 5′ 4" and weighs 135 lbs. Her record is 9-2-0. She will face-off against Japan’s Tama Chan, who has earned the reputation of being one of Japan’s fiercest female fighters. Chan stands 5′ 5" and weighs 143 lbs. Her record is 12-5-1.

South Dakota’s Shayna Baszler, one of the world’s most well-known female mixed martial artists will go up against Roxanne Modafferi. Baszler stands 5′ 7" and weighs 135 lbs. Her record is 5-3-0. Her opponent, Tae Kwon Do trained turned kick-boxer, Modafferi also stands at 5′ 7" and weighs 135 lbs. Modafferi’s record is 7-3-0.

Dr. Rosie Sexton is the only doctor of Theoretical Computer Science ever to compete in MMA. This petite fighter stands 5′ 4" and weights 125 lbs. Her record is 4-1-0. Hopefully, Dr. Sexton won’t have to fix up what she breaks, which could be her opponent, Brazil’s Carina Damm. Nicknamed "Beauty and the Beast" for her looks and ferocity, Carina stands 5′ 4" and weighs 122 lbs. Her record is 5-2-0.

One of the highest performing females in MMA, Amanda Buckner owns the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in Poland, Maine with her husband. Buckner stands 5′ 4" and weighs 135 lbs. Her record is 9-4-1. Amanda will face Julie Kedzie, who holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a masters in English literature. Kedzie stands 5′ 5" and weighs 135 lbs. Her record is 7-4-0.

Biographies of all BodogFight: St. Petersburg fighters, exclusive footage and unedited interviews from the filming in Russia are continuously added to BodogFight’s official web site, www.bodogfight.com. Plus, check out the site for weekly contests!

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