Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brad Pickett Talks About His Return to Cage Rage

Brad “One Punch” Pickett was cage-side at FX3 to see Alex Owen win his first championship belt. The two featherweights are scheduled to meet on April 21st at Cage Rage, which will mark Pickett’s return to the promotion since losing his British title to Robbie Olivier in September 2006. Since then Pickett won three fights in a row and then went to Costa Rica to compete in BodogFight against J.R. Simms, the results of which are being kept secret until the series is broadcast.

FCF: You just watched Alex Owen in action here at FX3. What are your thoughts on fighting him in April?
Brad Pickett: I respect his ground game, he’s very slick. I believe he ain’t got the tools to beat me. I’ve trained at American Top Team numerous times; I’ve trained with black belts in jiu-jitsu so I’m very aware of the submission game. He has very limited striking; he throws one kick all the time to set up his takedown. I’ve got a game plan and I’m looking forward to the fight. I believe I’ll be his toughest fight – if he fights me. I’ve got an inkling he’ll pull out for some reason, I don’t know why. It would be a good win to have on my record. If he beats me, hats off to him, but I don’t think he can.

FCF: You’re not intimidated by his ground game?
BP: Not at all. It’s not a fight where you get scared. You’re not fighting some bad ass who’s going to knock you out and hurt you. You’re fighting a guy where if you lose, you get submitted. So what? It don’t hurt. He’s in a fight, I’m going to hit him hard. He even said to me, ‘Man, just don’t break my nose.’ He’s intimidated about getting hit. He says he’s not a very violent person but it’s a violent sport and he’s going to get hit, so we’ll see how he weathers the storm. I don’t think in any of his fights he’s fought anyone with really good stand up or aggression. He’s been quite selective with his fights, which is good, you want to build yourself up as a fighter, and I’m really looking forward to this fight.

FCF: You made your American debut last year at the Absolute Fighting Championship. How was that?
BP: My fight in the AFC last year was my first fight after getting beat by Robbie. You fall off the horse, you want to get straight back on. I won the fight and since then I’ve had two other fights that I’ve won by arm bar and then I had my last fight which was in Costa Rica, but I can’t say what the outcome was. I had a very good trip and I really enjoyed it.

FCF: You started your career knocking people out, but you won your last three in a row by armbar.
BP: My last three in a row were by submission. It was important in my last fight [at BodogFight] that I did something different, but you won’t find out what until it’s aired.

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