Monday, March 12, 2007

BTT defeats Chute Boxe in Brazil

By Eduardo Ferreira, from Florianópolis

At the main bout of the Floripa Fight 3, that was held at the Gymnasium Carlos Alberto Santos in Florianópolis city, Rousimar Toquinho (BTT) submitted Hélio Dipp (Chute Boxe) with a rear nacked choke at 1min40s of the first round. Toquinho did change the distance in the beginning of the fight and took Dipp down, and at this time he attacked his back, doing a rear naked choke which defined the bout.

At the bout between Alexandre Cacareco (BTT) and Rodrigo Riscado, the athlete from BTT started well the bout standed up, doing a cross punch and taking Riscado down. Cacareco passed the guard and got his adversary’s back and did the chocke which gave him the victory. The revenge bout between Vítor Miranda and Eduardo Maiorino under the Muay Thai rules, Miranda one more time KO’d and did win the total bouts. Check out the complete results of the event:


Floripa Fight 3
Saturday, March 10th, 2007
Gymnasium Carlos Alberto Campos, Florianópolis - SC

- Vitor Miranda KO’d Eduardo Maiorino at 1R;

Feminine MMA:
- Deise Rocha (Ednei Pedroso-PR) submitted Vanessa Conrado (Wado De La Riva) by guillotine choke at 1R;

- Cristiano Nascimento (Wado Delariva) submitted Pedro Dinamite by armbar;
- Daniel Mexicano (Ataque Duplo) defeated Adson Lira Preguiça (Tidi Vale-Tudo) by judge’s decision;
- Adriano Gonçalves (Wado Dela Riva) defeated Curio (Rilion Gracie Team) by judge’s decision;
- Marcos Túlio (Ataque Duplo) submitted Orestes (Paraná Vale-Tudo) by rear naked choke;
- Kaue Dudus (Chute Boxe) defeated João Zeferino (Gracie Floripa/Nobre Arte) by judge’s decision;
- Alexandro Custodio (Wado Dela Riva) defeated Paraná (Paraná-Vale-tudo) by desistence;
- Roberto Piaza (Wado Dela Riva) defeated Xuxa (Porto Alegre) by declassification;
- Alexandre Cacareco (BTT) submitted Rodrigo Riscado (Nova-União) by rear naked choke;
- Rousimar Palhares “Toquinho” (BTT) submitted Helio Dipp (Chute Boxe) by rear naked choke.

Evil Note: Like there was ever any doubt! :)

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