Monday, March 12, 2007

'Cage Rage' fighting to be screened live on Sky

By Pam Caulfield

Ultimate fighting will be screened live on TV for the first time in Britain, it was announced today.

Cage Rage 21 - Judgement Day will be beamed live from Wembley Arena in a prime time Saturday night slot by Sky on April 21st.

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, which combines four Olympic combat disciplines, has overtaken boxing and wrestling in America and is now coming to Britain

The sport seems to have a brutal image but it has also been recognised for the skill, fitness and commitment required to participate at top level.

Some commentators believe that the sport will beat boxing in popularity in the months and years to come.

The Cage Rage Championships attract more than 8,000 fight fans to Wembley.

Topping the bill on April 21st in London will be massive American Mixed Martial Artist Bob Sapp, one of the legends of the sport.

A dozen furious fights feature the sport's global elite matched against the very best that Britain has to offer.

Cage Rage Promoter Andy Geer believes Sky's decision to screen the fight night live marks a major milestone for Mixed Martial Arts.

"Sky know a good thing when they see one," said Andy. "Their track record in taking emerging sports to their next level is second to none.

"The public just got bored with boxing - and wrestling is totally choreographed. Cage Rage is for real and the ultimate form of fighting."

Fighters, matched by weight, do battle in a steel cage known as the octagon.

They fight for three five-minute rounds or until one is knocked out, submits or stopped by the referee.


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