Saturday, March 3, 2007

Chuck Liddell on Cover of Men’s Fitness

Hot into my mailbox, Chuck Liddell is on the cover of April’s issue of Men’s Fitness. The UFC light-heavyweight champ discusses his win over Tito Ortiz at UFC 66 along with UFC generalities as why people choose to fight and how 80% have college education.

The piece is yet another example of UFC hitting the mainstream media. To show how unknown it truly still is (as surprising as it sounds) the piece reviews what MMA stands for among other things.

The 6 page piece has two pages of content and 4 of pictures: 2 of Liddell’s battered hands with a taped middle finger and partially extended right pinkie as well as a front and back view of Liddell’s Mohawk laden head.

The piece entitled WMDs provide a glimpse into a fighters rather laid back day-to-day life when not training and does a pretty good job at touching the MMA bases for those who are not yet die-hard fans of the sport.

Since it is not on news stands yet and only came to me today there is not much else available online for reading yet. If you want to read the article I reccomend stopping by the library or finding a subscriber. Otherwise, you will probably have to wait until closer to April to read the piece online.


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