Sunday, March 25, 2007


By Ricardo Mendoza

LAS VEGAS, NEV. – Holding their second show under Zuffa, World Extreme Cagefighting returned to the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was an exciting night of fights with only one fight going the distance.

In the main event, Carlos Condit became the new WEC Welterweight Champion defeating UFC veteran John Alessio. Condit worked the knees within the clinch in the first round but Alessio was able to take Condit down several times during the first round. Condit was able to get back to his feet every time as Alessio wasn’t able to get started on the ground.

Alessio got a takedown to start the second round but it was Condit who did the most damage. He stayed busy off his back with punches and elbows as Alessio looked lost. Condit really got going after they were restarted on their feet. He used effective knees in the clinch to breakdown Alessio. Condit went for a standing kimura, taking it to the ground where he got Alessio’s back and sunk in the choke, forcing Alessio to tap with just one second left in the second round. Carlos Condit becomes the new WEC Welterweight Champion.

Urijah Faber was dominant in victory over Dominic Cruz retaining his WEC Featherweight Championship. Faber came out aggressive throwing a head kick that barely missed its target and Cruz responded with a head kick of his own. Faber landed a huge uppercut as Cruz went in for a takedown; once it hit the ground Faber locked in a guillotine choke. Cruz got back to his feet and took it back down but Faber was able to secure it as Cruz rolled over to get the tap at 1:38 of the first round.

Unknown Midwest fighter Chase Beebe stunned everyone in attendance becoming the new WEC Bantamweight Champion, winning a decision over former champion Eddie Wineland. Wineland looked impressive in the first round as he dropped Beebe with a flurry but wasn’t able to finish him. Beebe looked nervous, as he wasn’t setting up his takedowns until he finally took Wineland down to end the round. Beebe absolutely dominated the second round as he immediately took Wineland down. He then passed Wineland’s guard and mounted him, punishing him with punches and elbows for the rest of the round but Wineland survived. The next two rounds played out the same as both fighters would circle early with Beebe getting a late takedown to win the round. By the final round, Wineland’s ear was bleeding badly and he needed a knockout to win the fight. Neither fighter risked too much in the final round and it cost Wineland the fight. Beebe was awarded a well-earned unanimous decision with scores of 48-47 and 48-46 twice.

UFC veteran Brock Larson looked impressive in victory as he dominated Erik Apple. Once on the ground, Larson dominated Apple switching from position to position. Larson almost ended the fight with a choke but Apple escaped. Larson finally finished Apple as he transitioned from an armbar to a kimura, forcing Apple to tapout at 3:43 of the first round.

KOTC veteran Dave Terrel was impressive against Tiki Ghosn. Tiki looked good in the first round as he was able to use his experience to pepper Terrel with shots. Tiki hurt Terrel with a barrage of punches, but Terrel survived until the end of the round. It was a much different story in the second round as Terrel started to land solid shots and finally hurt Tiki. Terrel poured it on dropping Tiki several times but was unable to finish him as Tiki got back to his feet. Terrel was all over Tiki and Herb Dean had seen enough, stopping the fight at 1:46 of the second round.

Cub Swanson was able to submit Tommy Lee with a guillotine choke in the first round. Lee got an initial takedown but Swanson persisted and was able to lock on a guillotine choke at 3:17 of the first round.

In what can be considered an upset, former KOTC Bantamweight Champion Charlie Valencia finished off former WEC Bantamweight Champion Antonio Banuelos. Valencia went straight for a takedown but Banuelos responded with a guillotine choke. Valencia escaped and both fighters exchanged solid shots. Banuelos took Valencia down but he got back to his feet, landing an uppercut that dropped Banuelos as he finished him off with strikes at 3:12 of the first round.

Fairtex welterweight Alex Serdyukov looked impressive against relatively unknown fighter Scott Norton. Norton took the fight to the ground early but Serdyukov was able to lock on a tight triangle choke. Serdyukov held on for the majority of the round as he tried to finish the fight with the triangle choke but Norton survived and responded with strikes as finally was able to escape. Norton again shot in for a takedown to start the second round but Serdyukov was able to lock on a guillotine choke that forced Norton to tapout, only fifty-seven seconds into the round.

In an exciting contest, Micah Miller was able to use his reach advantage to full effect against Jesse Moreng. In the first round, Miller used knees in the clinch to control Moreng. On the ground, Miller used his long lanky legs to neutralize Moreng from landing any effective shots within his guard. The fighters traded back and forth in the second round, as Moreng landed solid punches while Miller used knees and punches to hurt Moreng. Both fighters clinched to start the last round with neither fighter getting much of an advantage. Moreng took Miller down and as they hit the ground Miller started to work for the triangle choke. Moreng struggled hard to get out of it but Miller was able to finally secure it, forcing Moreng to tapout at 3:29 of the third round.

U.S. Marine Brian Stann made quick work of Steve Cantwell, dropping him with a right hook and finishing him off with strikes at forty-one seconds of the first round.

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