Monday, March 12, 2007

CSAC, to release new MMA Rules..

California Athletic Commission latest news regarding MMA. New referee training will be taking place in Los Angeles on April 28th.

A new drug testing program will begin in April. Everyone will be tested at every event after their fights for a variety of different recreational drugs with the "big" fights being tested for both street drugs and performance enhancers. If a sample comes up positive it will be sent out for reconfirmation to insure accuracy. The threshold for a positive result is the same as any government worker in the state of California.

Prescriptions are of course taken into account, however the Commission must be notified of them beforehand and they are subject to review.

The Commission is looking into doing several "town hall" type meetings at various gyms throughout the state. The meetings are to take place at local MMA gyms and focus on discussing rules, regulations and suggestions with fighters and the public. No specific dates or locations have been set at this time.

They are currently looking into setting up an official database of fighter records in order to more accurately judge a fighters experience.

Brian Ebersole has been cleared to fight following his suspension last September. He, along with Shannon Ritch, was suspended for "not fighting in earnest" at the September 9th Malice at the Palace show in San Francisco(for example this would coincide with the UFC's "timidity" rule).

Marco Ruas and Maurice Smith were both requested to appear in front of a Commission Panel in order to evaluate the safety of the proposed fight between the two that would have taken place at the March 17th IFL show. As neither man was able to participate, the fight was not approved.


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