Monday, March 5, 2007

Cunha analyses Wand and Minotouro

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The Muay Thai trainer from BTT, Sérgio Cunha, in excluive interview to site TATAME, analysed the defeats of Rogério Minotouro and Wanderlei Silva at Pride Las Vegas, and the victory of Rafael Feijão at IFL. “Sokoudjou will never more do a right punche like that one”, said Cunha about the KO suffered by Minotouro, but the trainer said that it will just delay the plans of Minotouro getting the Midleweight belt this year.

“Some Brazilian athlete must take this belt from Henderson , and I hope he cames here to BTT”, said Cunha, who also talked about Dan Henderson’s game and who could possible defeat him. “Watching that fight of the GP final, I believe that Murilo could win that one. I also think that Paulo Filho and Denis Kang has some conditions to win”, finished him. Check out the complete interview during this week here at site TATAME.


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