Thursday, March 8, 2007

Darrel Gohlar analyzes Randy & Hendo

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

He is a former fighter, professor of important academies as BTT and Nova União, he is half Brazilian and half American and already faced great fighters as Randy Couture and Dan Henderson, current champions of UFC and Pride, respectivelly. In exclusive conversation with site TATAME, Darrel Gohlar, one of the most respectfull wrestlers of United States, analysed the victories of Randy, who he faced for six times with six victories, and of Dan Henderson, who he already defeated three times of the total four bouts against him.

- Hendeson is a light fighter but he still faces heavy guys and he is also pretty cleve. His biggest qualiy is the discipline. But Randy is real tough athlete and he is also pretty experienced and has too muh control under his bouts -, said Darrel, who also pointed possible winners against both of them: “Ithink Muril Bustamante and Ricardo Arona has conditios to defeat Randy, they are both pretty good. But I think against Dan Henderson, Paulão will be able to win. He is tough and brave”, said him.


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