Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dear Don: Advice from "The Predator"

By Don Frye

Scorpions coach Don Frye has beaten up more men, for more money, in more places than you can even spell. Who better to turn to for advice on life, love, and the pursuit of awesomeness? That’s why Don Frye is answering your questions. It’s his way of making the world a better (or at least a more interesting) place.

Email your questions to And don’t forget that you can see Don and his Scorpions on April 13th in Uncasville, CT. Plus, tune in to MyNetworkTV’s “IFL Battleground” on Monday nights to see more Don.

Dear Don

I've been really good friends with this woman for a little over a year. A few months ago I figured out that I really liked her, more than just wanting to get into her pants. How can I tell her how I feel and get my point across without looking and sounding like just another jackass?

So you like her but aren’t man enough to tell her? I hate to break it to you, partner, but you already sound like a jackass.

That’s not so bad though. That means the pressure’s off. You’re a jackass. I thought it was just an insult until now, but you’re the real thing.

Now that you know, you don’t have to worry about it. Just go ahead and be a jackass. Ask her out. Go shopping with her at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then take her to Frederick’s of Hollywood, make sure she gets the point. Whatever.

Sure, she’ll probably think you’re a jackass. I do. But maybe she likes that. You never know. There are tons of jackasses out there, and somehow lots of them have pretty hot women on their arms. It’s a mystery, but there it is.

So I say go for it. Stop tip-toeing around and just dive right in. That’s what I’d do. Then again, I’m not a jackass.

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