Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Draggo returns to Deep rings

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The BTT boxer Edson Draggo talked to site TATAME and confirmed that will be returning to the rings at the Deep, that will be held on next April 13rd, facing Wes Sims, pupil of Mark Coleman. Draggo, who has nine victories and only one defeat in his career, wants to win to be back at the Pride, where he just did lose one time, against Pawel Nastula. “I am sure that after winning the Deep, they will put me to fight the two bouts in the Pride”, commented Draggo, who has yet three bouts under his contract.

Even after two years of the polemic fact at the Storm Samurai between him and Assuério Silva, he is still waiting a confrontation. “This bout must happen, this is an honour issue for me and I am sure it will be a great fight”, said the striker. Check out the complete card of the event:

COMPLETE CARD (subject to change):

Deep 29th
Korakuen Hall, Tokio, Japan
Friday, April 13rd, 2007

- Murilo Bustamante vs. Ryuta Sakurai;
- Hisae Watanabe vs. Masako Yoshida;
-Yusuke Kawaguchi vs. Fujiyama;
- Shigetoshi Iwase vs. Sem Nakadai;
- Takuhiro Kamikozono vs. Katuki Kikuno;
- Ryuichi Murata vs. Dae Won Kim;
- Michihiro Omigawa vs. Naoki Matsushita;
- Cristiano Kaminishi vs. Henry Sentoryu Miller;
- Yasuhito Namekawa vs. Yuji Sakuragi;
- Bárbaro 44 vs. Ryan Bow;
- Edson Draggo vs. Wes Sims.


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