Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Elite XC's Bill Goldberg talks plenty of bull.

By Brett Kaplan

Bill Goldberg, a former professional wrestler and football player, has a new reality show called Bullrun, debuting Tuesday, March 13 at 10 p.m. ET on SpikeTV.

Goldberg discusses the concept of Bullrun.

`It was a combo of an original race rally, as well as Maloof entertainment. Together, they brought it to Spike. Not sure about the originators though.'

Bullrun is on the same network as Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

`I have no affiliation with TNA in any way, shape or form. I won't get back in the ring anytime soon, and there won't be any cross-promotion between the two.'

Bullrun will race across the United States. The drivers start in Montana, go to the Canadian border and even stop near the Mexican border with a 400-mile journey throughout the West Coast. The show has 12 teams with two people per car. Bullrun will air Tuesdays for 10 consecutive weeks.

Some of the fancy cars featured on Bullrun are a Chevy Bellair 1968, Pontiac TransAm 1997, Lamborghini MurciƩlago 2003, Ford F150 truck, a Hertz Automobile and a BMW M5.

Goldberg also owns collective cars.

''I have 95 percent muscle cars,'' said Goldberg during a recent telephone interview. ``I have 23 in my collection, and they are between 1959-1973. I have cars that bring back certain, positive memories as to when I was a child.

``My favorite is a 1970 Mustang that has 700-plus miles on it. It was actually campaigned in the war over in Vietnam.''

So who does Goldberg think will win the race?

``I am not competing in this race. I will just be the host. As far as winning, it really depends. The people watching really have to make the judgement. Here you have a [2003] Lambo and a Ford F150 truck going at it. So take that for what it's worth. There will be a lot of surprises, surprises, surprises.''

Goldberg is no stranger to televised car shows. He hosted Automaniac in 2005 on the History channel.

``One [Bullrun] is a reality show, and the other one [Automaniac] is a comical way of looking at cars. If you want to speak on or about a car, make sure it is right, or you will get corrected by the many people watching at home.''

Goldberg is a color commentator for the new EliteXC mixed martial arts promotion. The former football player and wrestler has some history in the world of mixed martial arts.

''I love the commentating,'' said Goldberg. ``I actually co-own [Extreme Power Muay Thai training facility in Oceanside, Ca.] along with Ruben Rowell, who has been running this for over 20 years. I just hopped on board. Ruben is a very great, traditional guy. It's been his life.

``MMA is a good, combat sport. Our card in February was great. As far as my commentating goes, I have room for improvement in every aspect. We will have another show in June, and I am excited. I have actually started training with one of the fighters.''

Goldberg, 40, doesn't plan on competing. He did star in college football for the Georgia Bulldogs and spent time in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons before an injury ended his football career. He ventured into the whacky world of professional wrestling, quickly making a name for himself and starring for WCW and WWE.

``My favorite wrestling moment has to be wrestling Hulk Hogan in front of 42,000 people in Georgia [for WCW] and afterward getting beat up by his cronies with my fellow Atlanta Falcons teammates making the save.''

Goldberg has one autobiography entitled I'm Next about his time in WCW. Goldberg said never say never on another book. He has enough material for five books.

Goldberg has been involved in several movie projects. He is extremely busy these days, putting his movie career on hold. He is friends with former WWE star Brock Lesnar who is negotiating with UFC.

`I think it's great for him. If anyone can go from pro wrestling to UFC, it's him. I talked to him, and he has a great shot.''

Goldberg also supports animal causes.

`I have a love affair with dogs rather than cats, but I have two cats, and I do everything that I can for the Humane Society and USA Voice Opinions.''


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