Sunday, March 18, 2007

European k-1 Warriors - Quick Results

Due to the fact that Mirkowic couldn't fight because of a virus he suffered from, the reserve fight was cancelled and the organization had to change some spots.

Mygolatjev (Ukraine) vs. Alexander novovic (Holland)
winner: Novovic by decision

Asmir Burgic (Germany) vs. Sabatini (Italy)
winner: Sabatini by decision

Kutlu (Holland) vs. Chielewski (Poland)
winner: Chielewski by decision

Seelman (Germany) vs. Jan Muller (Czech Rep.)
winner: Muller by KO R3

Semi finals
Sabatini vs. Novovic
winner: Novovic by decision

Chmielewski vs. Muller
winner: Muller by KO R3

Novovic vs. Muller
winner: Muller by TKO (Novovic broke his right arm, making a spinning backfist)

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