Friday, March 30, 2007


By Mike Johnson

Blackout Media Corp. announces today that it has released a Letter to Shareholders from President, Sandy Winick. The text of the letter appears below.

Dear Shareholders; It has been several months since my last communication via a shareholders letter to you to bring you -- our shareholders -- up to date with the many positive occurrences that have been happening over the past several months with our interest in The Fight Network.

Here are a few of the highlights:

TFN continues to develop and expand out its television offering world wide, initial results are incredibly encouraging and very positive -- some of the highlights are:

With the addition of Shaw Cable in the last few months we have all the major providers in Canada as carriers of our service, plus we are still pursuing the rest of the smaller providers through their organization the CCSA, that we do not have. We are anticipating the addition of 5 - 10 smaller operators over the coming months. The growth rate of new subscribers month over month is an astounding 5%, which in the digital television landscape is exceptional.

United States
We have signed our first of what we anticipate to be many contracts to supply our service in the United States, with Backspace TV out of San Luis Obispo, an internet and IPTV carrier; we expect to start supplying our signal to them at some point in the summer of 2007.

We have also signed a contract whereby we are supplying one hour per week of programming to America One -- seen in over 20,000,000 American homes.

We are working on forging relationships with a number of the larger carriers in the United States including Verizon's FiOS, Comcast, Time Warner and others. We are having ongoing discussions with all of them and hope to have some contracts finalized in 2007.

We have had a number of enquiries from Mexico and we are working on getting a representative to help us navigate those waters.

South America
Firstly, we have opened up an office in Ecuador that will service most of South and Central America.

We are currently finalizing carriage contracts in Panama and Ecuador, which would see our service launch as a stand alone channel on the majority of the carriers in each of those respective countries later in 2007.

We are talking to cable and satellite operators in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and other South and Central America countries about the channel and our preliminary responses thus far have been overwhelmingly positive.

We are working on finalizing carriage to that continent and strongly anticipate a commitment before the end of 2007. Our Australian carriage deal would also see us extend our reach in this area by including New Zealand and Tasmania without necessitating additional negotiations.

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