Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Full-Time Fighter: Sean Salmon Discusses Training, Las Vegas and UFC 71

By Sean Salmon

Hey everyone — I’m sorry this column is a couple days later than usual. To be honest, I just didn’t have that much to write about.

Last week was my first week back to training 100% and following my diet. The week went very good. I have gone back to some of my more basic training methods that sometimes get lost when you’re trying to improve on technique. The biggest and most benificial aspect I brought back was hard wrestling at the end of a workout.

I believe that live wrestling is the best way to get into top-flight shape. Unfortunatly, I went away from that a little, but now it’s back, and I feel great because of it. It is crazy how many more calories I consume in a day when I add wrestling to my training. Now that it is getting nice outside again, I am going to be back at Hoover Dam carrying my partners up the steps and throwing MY rock. If you live in Columbus and are trying to get in shape or lose weight, Hoover Dam is the best place for it. Hoover offers so many different ways to run and train, that if you’re creative, you will never get bored.

I also started back at Jorge Gurgel’s gym today. It is an hour-and-a-half commute for me, but well worth it. Jorge has an amazing new facility, and they offer some of the best fighters in Ohio, the Midwest, and the world for that matter. There is no way to walk into that building with the athletes that train there and not be motivated to improve yourself and become the best. Of course, since I have Red Schafer, who is a very talented Jiu Jitsu fighter, up next, I am going to be putting myself through hell on the ground with them. Lucky for me, I enjoy and pick up Jiu Jitsu very well. My fight with Red is going to be either very tactical with an awesome amount of technique being exchanged or very brutal with both of us going for the knockout and quick finish. I honestly don’t see a boring fight or either one of us being overly cautious.

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