Saturday, March 10, 2007

Henderson talks Wand tie-break

Dan Henderson made a point of sitting on the laurels of his win over Wanderlei Silva at Pride 33, on the 24th, in Las Vegas. In an interview conceded to the site ADCC News, the current middleweight and welterweight champion spoke about the fight and what has been happening since the victory that took the Brazilian's belt after six years.

On the hand fracture he suffered in the first round, Henderson had this to say: "The hand didn't bother me. I knew it was broken, but I didn't let it alter my game plan."

When Wand fell t the ground and the fight ended, everyone started asking when the tie-breaker would take place – as the score is 1 to 1. “I understand that he is currently a free agent, so the chances of a rubber match depend on whether or not he returns to PRIDE, where I am under contract. If he does, I’d say that the prospect of a rubber match are very high,” Dan explained.

In closing, the American spared no words in classifying the result: "Redeeming myself against Wanderlei was the most important accomplishment to me. To do so for the middleweight title and in front of my family, friends and the American fans made it all the more special.” Taking advantage of the good times, Henderson said he would refuse no challenge, whether it com from Minotauro, Shogun, Kazuo Misaki or even Chuck Liddell.


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