Monday, March 26, 2007


By Mike Doyle and Mike Russell

Another controversial decision in the minds of many who witnessed TKO 28 was the majority decision victory of TKO featherweight champion Hatsu Hioki (12-1-1) over Mark “The Machine” Hominick (13-6-0) from London, Ontario. Hominick, who lost the title to Hioki nine months prior when he was choked unconscious by the Japanese Shooto fighter, felt that he controlled the pace of the fight enough while negating Hioki’s takedowns, to earn the decision.

Speaking to The Fight Network immediately following the fight, Hominick indicated that he intended to file a protest with the QAC regarding what he referred to as “questionable judging.”

The Team Tompkins striker informed us this weekend that his complaint fell on deaf ears, and that the Commission ruled that the decision would stand.

“We pretty much knew what the outcome would be,” said Hominick, adding that QAC officials did not respond to a request for a ruling explanation. “There’s never been a judges’ decision that’s been overturned. Basically, we just wanted to send them a message that they need to be more vigilant in their practice of not only judging, but also in educating the officials as to what constitutes points scored or deducted in a fight.

“Anyone who knows me knows that it’s not like me to complain,” Hominick continued. “It’s just not the kind of person I am. I just felt that there was a mistake made and that a protest would tell the Commission that they have areas they need to improve in.”

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