Saturday, March 31, 2007

ICON Sport - EPIC - How To Watch

By Andrew A /

Hey guys. I wanted to post some specific info regarding the stream of ICON Sport: Epic for tonight…

- 10:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (California time)
- 1:30am Eastern Daylight Time (New York time)

Requirements for viewing the broadcast:
Windows XP
IE 6 or later
Windows Media Player 9 or later
- It should work on Windows 2000 but it’s not officially supported

- Register to at to watch the live stream

- I recommend registering by 10:00 pm PDT at the latest. We are sure to flood the servers.

- After the original airing, it becomes an online pay-per-view. Starting Sunday, April 1, come to and you can see the event for a small pay-per-view

Thanks, and enjoy the event!

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