Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jim Kendrovski Interview

By Miss Fighter

Interview with Jim Kendrovski who is fighting against Heath McManus at Warriors Realm 8, Jim is also part promoting the Warriors Realm event. Infinitemma asked him about his debut cage fight and to find out more about this fast and furious fighter.

M: So what’s your record so far?
J: Do you want my street fighting record?
M: Haha no were trying to keep the image clean for the sport

J: Haha ok well this is actually my first cage fight, I’d fought in other wrestling tournaments but this is my first time in the cage.
M: And how did you go in those?
J: Yeah well, I’ve only lost one fight before and that was to George S, he’s very strong
M: Yeah I’ve heard that.

M: How are you feeling about your first cage fight?
J: Very excited, it’s going to be a great show and I’ve been training hard and ready to go.

M: What disciplines have you been training in?
J: Pretty much everything – I’m sorta a jack of all trades master of none – he laughs

M: Do you have a nickname?
J: Yeah it’s ‘Killer”
M: Jim ‘Killer’ Kendrovski - sounds very good

M: I can see some tattoos; tell us about this one here, an eagle on your left shoulder
J: Yeah this ones an eagle with my daughters name on it – Claudia
M: She came to watch daddy train tonight
J: Yeah she loves it
M: She sure does – Claudia was asking me when you were up next to spar, very cute and very proud of her dad – and how about the other tat, coming down your right
J: That’s just a Celtic pattern – just something I liked – I like that Celtic look

M: What about in the fight, when you throw a punch at someone - how do you feel?
J: Feels good – definitely better punching then being punched!!
M: Yeah it would be
J: Just feels very good – like you’re the best, on top of the world

M: When you are heading into the fight do you have a goal in mind?
J: Strategy?
M: yes
J: I do but I can’t tell you that!
M: Haha wouldn’t expect you too, it’s the secret! Although I will be asking you after the fight what it was

M: What do you think sets you apart from other fighters?
J: My aggression
M: Do you know where that stems from?
J: Yeah, a combination of genetics, growing up, my nationality
M: Macedonian right?
J: Yeah, so my background, the area I’ve grown up, just all my life experiences have shaped and drive me in that way

M: What about some other passions in life?
J: I’m a man of action, love a lot of things, I sky dive, Jet Ski
M: So an adrenalin junkie?
J: Yeah I used to race Jet Ski’s, love my Harley
M: So to switch off you just get on that Harley
J: Yeah I just get on there and ride out, love it.

M: They say George Sotiropoulos is one tough opponent, what do you think of him?
J: He’s a very very skilled Jiu Jitsu fighter, very good and very fast, he’s like a spider
M: Just gets you in his web huh - would you want to fight him again
J: Yeah definitely
M: In a cage?
J: Probably not because of the weight difference
M: What is your weight division?
J: About 69kg, that’s for the cage

M: So what would you say to a mate who’s just lost a fight?
J: hmm not sure, that’s a tough one, it would really depend how he lost, you know whether he had a good fight and its just came down to a point difference I would say you did well just get in there for next time and try again, but if he didn’t fight well I’d tell him what was wrong and just to get in there again..

M: Are you looking towards fighting internationally one day?
J: yes definitely – I’m hoping sometime next year to make it happen, that’s my goal – I have started late-ish but Luke says we just hit it with the hard fights now and get out there and push the boundaries – so like now with this fight against Heath McManus, he’s something like 4-0 and I’m a first time fighter and talking with Luke – questioning if this was the right path for a first fight, he says absolutely especially for where we want to end up in the future with fighting at a higher level – get the harder fights out of the way – so it takes a shorter time to develop myself as a fighter

M: Where do you see MMA going?
J: Going to go very far – I’m promoting WR and want to see it go further over the next couple of yrs especially

M: Anyone you want to thank or want to say any last words
J: I want to thank Luke, best trainer, puts in 100% and all the boys from Lion’s Den - love the gym, love the atmosphere and the boys, very excited about the fight

M: Thanks for your time and good luck with training and the fight and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.


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