Tuesday, March 13, 2007


By Stash Capar

Several young, world-class European kickboxers will be invading the K-1 MAX event scheduled for April 4 in Italy. Hard-hitting Dane Ole Laursen will be taking on Japanese superstar Masato; while number two-ranked Dutch competitor and former K-1 MAX champion, Andy Souwer fights Yoshihiro Sato, another Japanese favorite.

Team Super Pro’s Albert Kraus, who was the very first K-1 MAX Champion back in 2002, is to battle it out with Tatsuji. Rising Greek star Mike Zambidis will also be making an appearance as he tilts with Koza Takeda. Finally the young Dutch-Armenian known as “Drago,” who currently ranks third in the world of K-1 MAX, is to prepare himself for Team Aerts’ Rosario “The Sicilian Don” Prestei, from Italy.

April 4 K-1 MAX Roster
Masato vs. Ole Laursen
Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Andy Ologun
Andy Souwer vs. Yoshihiro Sato
Albert Kraus vs. Tatsuji
Mike Zambidis vs. Kozo Takeda
Ian Schaffa vs. Keiji Ozaki
Drago vs. Rosario "The Sicilian Don" Prestei

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