Saturday, March 10, 2007

Klitschko 246.5 lbs.. Fight in jeopardy!

MIAMI- A dispute over gloves has jeopardized Ukranian Wladimir Klitschko's heavyweight title defense against US challenger Ray Austin, the American boxer's promoter Don King said Friday.

Austin 247 lbs...

King issued a release on the eve of Saturday's scheduled showdown in Mannheim, Germany, hinting the fight could be scrapped because International Boxing Federation champion Klitschko made a move to use his preferred gloves.

"I have not been dealt with in good faith," King said.

King said the fighters agreed to decide together which brand of gloves would be used but said Klitschko had chosen a different local commission to oversee the fight than in past bouts and the new group would not allow Austin to wear the gloves of his choice.

"They have selectively and conveniently employed dictatorship," King said. "I'm now playing a shell game where I have no chance to win.

"Does he really think he's going to lose the fight if Ray Austin wears a different type of glove?"

Klitschko is 47-3 with 42 knockouts while his US rival is 24-3 with four drawn.


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