Thursday, March 29, 2007

line-up Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors President Dougie Truman and Warrior Promotions are proud to announce another confirmed match-up for their “Enter The Rough House 2' show on Saturday 28th April 2007. As the current Cage Warriors World Under 73kg Champion Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (13-5-0-1nc) takes on the 20 year old Shooto Holland veteran Willy Ni (13-3-1) in the Welterweight division at the Harvey Hadden Centre in Nottingham, England.

UK fans may recognise Willy Ni from his appearance at House of Pain 4 where he gave up several kilos to the tough Swansea Brawler 'Del' at the Cardiff Ice Rink, back in December 2005. On that night Ni withstood some early offence before submitting the Welshman with a Guillotine Choke mid way through round 1.

Since then Ni has racked up a series of wins on the Dutch circuit winning almost all of his fights by submission in round 1. Despite his young age Ni has a promising future and his team leapt at the opportunity to take on Hardy next month in Nottingham.

Whilst Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy is no stranger to UK fans and has more fights in Cage Warriors than anybody else (12 fights in total) Hardy is known in the UK scene primarily for his striking, but has also shown improved takedown defence and some sharp boxing skills to go with his lightening quick leg kicks which have stopped some of his previous opponents in brutal fashion.

Hardy will be hoping to build on what was a great end to 2006 which saw him defeat Welterweight rival Danny Rushton via a Doctor's stoppage (due to a cut) at CW Showdown 1 in September. Hardy then followed that up with another win at CW 'Enter the Rough House 1' in December. On that night 'The Outlaw' captured the Cage Warriors Under 73kg World Title when he defeated the Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion Alexandre 'Xandinho' Izidro via TKO after 4:56 of round 3.

In that bout Hardy survived a tight submission in the first round of that bout, before systematically dismantling the Brazilian by nullifying his takedown attempts, before working over the BJJ Black belt with a mixture of razor sharp kicks and snappy punches which finally lead to the TKO late in round 3.

So far this year Hardy has spent time in the United States training at the Legends MMA Centre in California, where he trained alongside some top MMA fighters and coaches. Upon his return to the UK, it was announced that Hardy would be representing Cage Warriors and the UK in the Cage Force Welterweight Tournament in Japan.

This tournament features fighters from the World Wide Cage Network (WWCN) being invited to Japan to battle it out against the local Japanese talent. As a result Hardy is due to fight the reigning Welterweight King Of Pancrase Daizo Ishige on May 27th in Japan, and will be looking to warm up for this bout with a convincing win over the young Dutch submission specialist on April 28th.

However Hardy will not be looking past Willy Ni when they clash on April 28th, in what should be a classic striker vs. grappler encounter over 3x5 minute rounds. To watch this encounter buy your ticket today at the outlets below as local demand for tickets is high and Cage Warriors hope to have another sell out on their hands, inside the Harvey Hadden Centre.

Latest Fightcard

All bouts to be held under Full Professional CWFC MMA Rules (unless stated) Card is subject to change.

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Lee Livingstone (Pro Debut) Team Rough House vs. Eduardo Mahal (2-0-0) Wolfslair Academy

Full Pro Welterweight (3x5 minute rounds)
Jim Wallhead (8-4-0) Team Rough House vs. Lewis Barrow (4-2-0) Washington Vale Tudo

Full Pro Middleweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Christian Smith (3-3-0) Team Tap Or Snap vs. Lee Dixon (1-2-0) Wolfslair Academy

Full Pro Middleweight (3x5 Minute rounds)
Karl Amoussou (4-0-1) Team Amoussou, France vs. Alex Cook (8-5-0) Wolfslair Academy

Full Pro Heavyweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Fereidoun Naghizadeh (0-2-0) Team Tap or Snap vs. Chris Cooper (0-1-0) F’s Freestyle Gym, UK

Full Pro Heavyweight (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Wayne Buck (1-0-0) Team Tap Or Snap vs. TBA

CWFC Bantamweight World Title Bout (5x5 Minute rounds)
(Champion) Paul “Metabolic” McVeigh (9-4-0) Dinky Ninjas vs. TBA

Full Pro Welterweight (3x5 minute rounds)
Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (13-5-0-1nc) Team Rough House vs. Willy Ni (13-3-1) Budo Academy physical, Holland

For more information on this event please contact Andy Lillis at andylillis@cagewarriors.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or Ian Dean at

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