Sunday, March 4, 2007



Allan Green is clearly not ready for big time boxing yet. He gave a very disappointing performance in what many expected to be an exciting slugfest. Green tasted Miranda’s power early and from that point on he just tried to survive. He kept his distance at all costs and when Miranda would start to close the distance he’d throw a quick punch, jump in and tie up his opponent.

This is how the fight went round after round and the crowd was not happy. They were booing in earnest by the end of the seventh. Keep in mind this was a very seasoned boxing audience. They were cheering Cotto’s sophisticated body attack in the main event. It’s not often you get a crowd that appreciates the fine art of body work.

By the end of the seventh Miranda had had enough too, he was frustrated with Green’s non-aggression so he came out with reckless abandon in the eighth and sure enough, he got caught. Way behind on the scorecards, this was Green’s big change to try and pullout a come-from-behind win. Disappointingly, he returned to his retreating, safety-first style. Meanwhile Edison, who was way ahead on the scorecards, went all out for the KO in the twelfth, and he almost got it. He knocked Green down twice and connected with one last power shot just as time expired. Official scores of the bout were 97-90, 96-91 and 96-91. (Fight Report had it 98-89 for Miranda.)

In the man event of the HBO card, Miguel Cotto easily defeated Oktay Urkal through 11 1/2 rounds. Cotto employed a brutal body attack to perfection. Urkal tried to fight back, but his un-daunting 26% KO ratio, did command any respect from Cotto. The tough Puerto Rican pressured the German throughout. Urkal was deducted points in round seven and 11. Since open scoring was in effect, his corner knew he it was impossible for him to win so they threw the towel in after the second point deduction. Official time was 1:01.

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