Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nate to fight Anderson Silva for Middleweight Belt

Note: As reported here on March 7th by Anderson Silva, here is Nate Marquardt's own confirmation.

By Nate Marquardt

Hello UFC fans. I am very excited to tell you that I will be fighting for the UFC Middleweight title on July 7 against Anderson Silva. I have known for a while but have not told anyone until I was sure. I just signed the bout agreement yesterday and sent it in. I was told by my manager that if I beat Dean Lister that I would be fighting for the title.

Then, our bout was not shown on tv because of a decision by Spike TV. I was worried that this might change the title situation, but the UFC has always kept their word with us and told us that we still would get the fight. I have learned not to get my hopes up until it is in writing. Last week I received the bout contract and now I am very excited. I am fighting for the Middleweight belt, but I am more excited to fight against Anderson Silva. I believe he is a great fighter.

I know my style will match up well with his and will make an exciting fight and in the end I will be victorious! To prepare for this fight I will be training with all my normal training partners at Jackson's and in Denver. I will be training just like I do for any fight. Anderson Silva is a great fighter, but is just that, a fighter. He is not invincible, he has weaknesses and I am Nathan Marquardt. I would like to thank all of my fans, sponsors, students, teammates, family, and friends that have believed in me throughout all the ups and downs.


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