Monday, March 19, 2007

A note from Mike Bisping

By Michael "The Count" Bisping

Hi, and thanks for all the support. For all the haters, oh well its to be expected.

There has been a lot of talk about elvis being a can and a silly match up for me. I think the poeple with this atitude are completely wrong. He is a tough well rounded experienced fighter who has faced some of the worlds best. Sure he hasnt got the best record but look at some of the guys he's fought.Also a little more respect for the guy as a long standing mma fighter wouldnt go a miss.

Training going well. Obviously one or two hiccups here and there but thats always the way. Looking forward to the fight and im sure you guys wont be dissapointed. Elvis always comes to fight and I sure as hell do so expect fireworks.

Also, all the guys bitching on sherdog constantly need to stop being so pety and look at all the positive developments that are happening in the ufc and mma in general. Its an exiting time for the fans and the fighters so just enjoy it and stop moaning for fuck sake.

The Count.

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