Thursday, March 15, 2007

Parrumpinha talks MMA debut

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Marcos Parrumpinha will be making his mixed martial arts debut on March 31st, at Panther Fight League, against wrestler Chris Holder. The event will take place in Miami, at the James L. Knight Center, and the weight class is 145lbs. The American Top Team coach talked to about why he chose to premiere already an old man, as he himself put it.

What made you decide to fight MMA now?
I'll be 34 on the 18th, but I feel good. I've been around a long time, ever since those days of Carlson. I've been in the corner of friends all over the world, so I've acquired quite a bit of experience. Of it's not the same thing, cornering and fighting are two very different things, but I think I can do all right. Besides, I've been more active in the MMA world ever since I came to the U.S. with ATT. So I decided to fight here and there.

Was it an old dream, or an opportunity that just came up?
It was an old wish. All my friends had already fought, there was only me left. Even my students have been fighting for awhile - Rafael Dias, for instance, has nine bouts already.

How and how long have you been preparing for the match?
Actually I was going to premiere in January, at AFC, but the show had to be postponed, so I used the preparation of that time for now - I only extended it. My preparation is being made by Libório, Conan, Howard Davis and of course Andre Benkei.

What changed in your training?
I started training more boxing, but the rest is pretty much the same. Even in the gi I'm still training to continue to have the same BJJ technique.

How do you intend to handle a wrestler in the cage?
From what I've watched, he is good at Greco-Roman wrestling, but has defficiencies in the legs. I'll try to stay out of the clinch and put him with his back to the fence, and then I can go on to attack his legs. But if he takes me down, I have some positions that I've been training, and I think I can surprise him. I might not submit him, but I want to sweep and then let my game loose.

Have you been getting tips from some experienced MMA fighters?
Of course1 I've been training a lot with Marcus Aurélio, Gesias Cavalcante, Rafael Dias, Mike Brown, Pitbull and even Denis Kang, who has been helping me out despite the weight difference. There's also uncle Libório and some tipes from Conan, who's going to fight on the same day as me.


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