Thursday, March 22, 2007

Paulo Filho Challenges Shogun

After recovering from a knee surgery, Paulo Filho has already returned to his training sessions. "I cannot wait to return to the ring," said the BTT Pitbull who commented on the amazing win of Dan Henderson over his personal enemy Wanderlei Silva. "A fight is like a game if it doesn’t fit ... Henderson is a much more rounded fighter than Wanderlei and I was expecting this result.

Now Wanderlei is below and I want to look ahead," guaranteed Filho. When asked to who he’d like to face, Filho did not hesitate: "Now I want to fight Shogun. I want to prove that a fighter that has a good ground game can fight anyone," the Carlson Gracie black belt challenged.

Filho also revealed that he has started to improve his jiu-jitsu with renowned master Oswaldo Alves. "While other jiu-jitsu fighters are looking for other styles, I’m intensifying what is already working, looking to a great master from the past for help. I trust in Oswaldo Alves’ techniques a lot," said Filho.

Asked about his possible return to the Pride ring, the jiu-jitsu black belt showed some disappointment with the Japanese event. "I really would love to be fighting for the 83kg belt soon, I hope my situation with Pride gets defined as soon as possible, otherwise I’ll fight in the USA."

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