Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pederneiras analyzes Shaolin’s debut

By Eduardo Ferreira

Nova União leader and Vitor Shaolin master, André Pederneiras follow his pupil in the victory against Ryuki Ueyama, by submission at Hero’s, that was held in March 12nd, in . “He was a very tough fighter but it was a calm bout. The Japanese people got very impressive with Shaolin action. Ueyama had never been submitted, and Shaolin did it”, said Pederneiras. Althoug the fight finished quickly, he said there was no strategy for that.

We are always ready for the worse thing. Shaolin was ready to fight the three rounds, but we always try to finish the fight before that - , explained Pederneiras, who is in the finals preparatives for the Shotoo Brasil 2, that will take place on next Saturday (24), in Rio de Janeiro. “There is no more tickets, so it is not needed to stay at the door of the Gym, because there is no tickets to buy at the event hour”, said the Shooto Brasil president.


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