Monday, March 19, 2007

President of Pride praises Chute Boxe

By Gracie Mag

Note: Translated From Portuguese

President of the Pride, Nobuyuki Sakakibara yesterday folloied a aulão with more than 100 pupils in the headquarters of the Boxe Kick, in Curitiba. Very likeable, the commander of the Japanese organization commented that he was excellent to return the Curitiba after three years. Cartola standed out the excellent relation between the Boxe Kick and the Pride and did not save compliments to the master Rudimar Fedrigo in such a way how much the Wanderlei Silva.

“I said this in other chances and I repeat in the front of all vocês, the Rudimar master is the leader greater of team between that they participate of the Pride”, Sakakibara said, with the aid of an interpreter. It also commented that one day was asked by an American TV which fighter represents the essence of the Pride. “With certainty it is Wanderlei Silva”, answered.

Other information is that Maurício Shogun or Wanderlei will have to participate of the next event, that occurs in Japan, in day 8 to April. The confirmation must happen in the next days. Sakakibara also gave words of incentive to the aspirings to the Pride. “In vocês the Boxe Kick they are in the place for chances, for this they train with will and they listen to its masters”, said.

The event was opened the public and counted on many spectators. As the amount of participants was immense the trainings were divided in sequences. It had space for beginning, the women, graduated and masters. This last stage called more attention the president of the Pride, that observed some potential fighters for the international event. The end of the Fedrigo trainings it thanked the presence of as many integrant and pupils of the academy and commented that this persistence can open doors for many of them.


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