Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick Shots: 20 questions with TUF 5 fighter Cole Miller

By Robert Cheshire

Here we are with another TUF 5 fighter giving us “the basics.” This time we are with American Top Team fighter Cole Miller.

1. Name: Cole Miller

2. Do you have a nickname? Magrino (skinny)

3. Place of birth: Augusta, Georgia

4. Birthday: April 26, 1984

5. Fight Record: 19-3

6. How long have you competed in MMA? 3 years

7. How did you get started in competing? 4 months after training my trainer put me in a 4-man tournament and I won.

8. Who do you train with? American Top Team

9. What is your favorite UFC moment? Watching UFC 1 with my dad live and seeing the beginning.

10. What is your favorite TUF moment from the previous seasons? Watching my friend Forrest Griffin take season one to school.

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