Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Results from Cage Rage: Contenders 4

Hammersmith Palais - London, England

After unsuccessfully challenging Paul Daley for the British welterweight title last year, Sol “Zero Tolerance” Gilbert got his career back on track with his first fight of 2007, by stopping Darren Guisha in the third and final round of their fight at the top of the bill at Cage Rage’s fourth Contenders show. Gilbert stalked Guisha around the octagon, repeatedly landing leg kicks that turned Guisha’s left thigh dark purple and keeping him under constant pressure with some crisp boxing. In the third round Gilbert scored a takedown as Guisha rushed in, then took his back and pounded him until the referee stopped the fight to save the battered fighter. Gilbert advances to 9-4-1.

(Sol Gilbert (Left) punching Darren Guisha

After losing to the much more experienced Daijiro Matsui at the last Cage Rage, Tom “Kong” Watson came out mean and angry against Dorlan “The Dog” O’Mally from London Thai Fighters. O’Mally had no chance to employ his powerful stand-up as Watson took the kickboxer down from the bell and punished him on the canvas until the referee was forced to step in.

There was plenty of ground and pound on display throughout the night, including Michael Pastou’s stoppage of Jake Bostwick. A brawling middleweight on the rise, Bostwick was 3-0 coming in, opposite Pastou’s 0-1. Bostwick scored a takedown early, but Pastou took top position and went after him with a fury. Bostwick threw punches of his own from his back, but Pastou held nothing back and went for the finish, pounding like a man possessed until the referee stopped the contest as Bostwick was taking a pasting.

The submission of the night belonged to Alex Korsivich, from the Bloodline Fight Team, for his ankle lock tap-out of Cambridge Free Fight’s Afnan Saeed. Korsivich cut Saeed early in the fight and took mount when they hit the floor. As Saeed tried to escape by scooting out the back door, Korsivich latched on to his leg and cranked on the ankle lock for the submission.

Lloyd Clarkson, from Poole Jiujitsu, came from behind to stop Dan Movahedi, of the Elite Fighting System. Movahedi started strong, snapping Clarkson’s head back with punches over and over again, but Clarkson refused to go down and kept coming back for more, until he threw a left hook that caught Movahedi flush and dropped him. A brief burst of hammer fists on the ground and Clarkson got the KO in a gutsy performance.

Full Results
Sol Gilbert def. Darren Guisha by TKO (Referee stoppage – strikes) 2:24 R3
Tom Watson def. Dorlan O’Mally by TKO (Referee stoppage – strikes) 2:51 R1
Michael Pastou def. Jake Bostwick by TKO (Referee stoppage – strikes) 4:48 R1
Alex Korsivich def. Afnan Saeed by Ankle Lock 2:18 R1
Steven Elliot def. Deano Durant by Tap-out (strikes) 1:55 R1
Joe Mac def. Marvin Arnold Bleau by TKO (Referee stoppage – strikes) 4:08 R1
Jeff Lawson def. Mark Dayrell by Arm Bar 1:23 R1
Lloyd Clarkson def. Dan Movahedi by KO 3:15 R1
Sunnat Ilyasov def. Mindaugas Mockevicius by Guillotine 0:31 R1
John Hathaway def. Serge Ussanov by Rear Naked Choke 2:08 R1
Jeff Hayes def. Jamie Spooner by TKO (Referee stoppage – strikes) 1:33 R2
Luke Smith def. Jack Miles by KO 0:40 R1

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