Monday, March 19, 2007

Shaolin positive about IFL

‘Antoine kicked butt for Ruas’ team

On his way to the airport to return to Rio de Janeiro, Vitor "Shaolin” Ribeiro took time to analyze the March 17 edition of the IFL, in California. Beyond the K-1 Hero’s star’s presence in the crowd at, the latest event of the American MMA league saw a 5 to 0 trouncing by the Anacondas, the team of the new coach Shawn Tompkins, who substituted the now-tv announcer Bas Rutten.

At home, the Cobras of Los Angeles beat the Razorclaws, of the Californian Frank Shamrock, and took the lead in the IFL, passing the Pitbulls of New York in the number of victories. The Sabres, of Tokyo, surprised Marco Ruas’ Condors. Shaolin enjoyed the show and complimented the performance of his colleagues.

“Luca [Atalla, GRACIE Magazine editor] had already told me how the structure of the IFL was awesome, and I went to see for myself. The show really deserves its congratulations, and Antoine kicked butt in the ring for Ruas' team against Wayne Cole, in his knockout victory, and Rodrigo Ruas also fought very well, but was not able to connect with a good punch against Antonio McKee, and he ended up losing the decision," said the Nova União black belt.


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