Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shaolin talks of Hero’s victory

Black belt will check out IFL in Los Angeles

In the arrivals line at San Francisco airport, in California, the fighter Vítor Ribeiro looks nervously at the American policeman that approaches him. After looking over the Brazilian, the serious official lets out: “Congratulations! Where is Dedé?” Shaolin’s latest declared fan knew the name of his teacher Dedé Pèderneiras from the media specializing in fights, and had just watched the fighter’s debut at K-1 Hero’s, in which he submitted Ryuki Ueyama with an armbar, at 1 min 48 secs of the first round.

From Los Angeles, where he intends to spend a week helping his friend Wander Braga train for Ultimate Fight Night 9 (against Kurt Pellegrino, from Hermes França’s team), Shaolin spoke with about his fight.

“When I took him down I went a little too far over, missing the chance to take his back, he slipped a little, but I was quickly able to position my leg to sweep and flip him over, falling sideways. But the main thing was, when I grabbed the wrist, I didn’t leg go. It was good because the fight, although it was quick, there was a lot of movement and the crowd enjoyed it. I was very treated very well this first time at Hero's, at the photo session, in the hotel etc, they took very good care of us fighters. Now I want to watch the IFL, to see Antoine Jaoude and Rodrigo Ruas fight and feel the mood of the new event, which I have heard good things about,” said the Nova União instructor, who returns to Brazil after Los Angeles.


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