Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shogun choosed to face Henderson

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The champion of the categories until 83kg and until 93kg of the Pride, Dan Henderson has already a defined adversary for the belt dispute, if the decision depends of the Brazilian audience choose, who did vote at the TATAME poll and answered “Who must face Dan Henderson for the belt?”. Maurício Shogun was the biggest champion of this poll with 54% of votes, followed by Paulão Filho who got 11%. Paulão got in this poll because he was the only one who never faced Henderson at the category until 83kg. In the third place, Ricardo Arona drew with Wanderlei Silva with 10,5% of votes, the fourth place was for Vítor Belfort with 10% and the last one placed was Rogério Minotouro with only 4,5% of votes.

Don’t miss the new poll of site TATAME and answer who you would like to watch fighting at the Lightweight GP of the Pride. The options are: the athletes from BTT Milton Vieira and Junior Buscapé; the athletes from Chute Boxe Luis Azeredo and Jean Silva; the athlete from Gracie Tijuca Fabrício Morango; the athlete from Nova União Leo Santos; the athlete from RFT Luciano Azevedo; the athlete from GBCT Fabrício Monteiro; and the athlete from ATT Marcus Aurélio. Check it out and give your vote!


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