Friday, March 2, 2007

Source: Ed Fishman taking legal action against PRIDE

By Zach Arnold

On Friday morning, writer Josh Gross wrote the following in a new article:

The latest I hear is that Fishman is ramping up to sue Sakakibara and PRIDE in the event they default on the agreement that put Fishman in place as PRIDE USA prez … yikes.

Well, here are some additional details on the situation between PRIDE & Ed Fishman from a source close to the situation between the two parties:

A falling out between Fishman & PRIDE supposedly took place on Tuesday morning, in which Fishman told PRIDE that any further contact with him should be done directly through his attorneys.

The fallout is rumoredly in regards to payment to Fishman as PRIDE USA President (in other words, a breach of contract). The contract between Fishman and PRIDE is allegedly a five-year contract. If PRIDE defaults on the contract with Fishman, he will go to court and sue for damages — along with trying to obtain the assets of PRIDE.

Fishman was interested in buying PRIDE to the point that he supposedly would have kept both the Japanese and American offices opened, with business running as usual. DSE management was not interested.

With the legal process now underway, it is extremely doubtful that PRIDE will run a show in America again with Fishman still under contract to them. There are a lot of details regarding the legal dispute between the two parties that may surface publicly relatively soon. The legal matter is very complicated and not a black/white case.

Note: From a gossip blog, this is un-confirmed.


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