Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sylvester Stallone charged with Import of performance Hormone

A court in Australian court has charged actor Sylvester Stallone with the import of a banned growth hormone. The restricted performance hormone requires a special license in order to import it.

After going through customs last month in Australia to help promote his successful movie, "Rocky Balboa," Stallone was allegedly found to have 48 vials of the restricted hormone in the country. Police later raided his hotel room where the actor was staying.

If convicted Stallone could face a fine of up to A$110,000 (£44,714) and up to five years in jail.

Stallone did not show up in court to hear the charge levied against him. It has been reported that Stallone is in Thailand filming the fourth Rambo film.

Published reports in the media indicate that case will be adjourned until April 24th, when it is expected that Stallone's plea will be entered into the court.


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