Thursday, March 1, 2007

UFC 68 - A "Fan" Analysis

By Stephan Marceau

Well UFC 68 is upon us and along comes my “fan” review, I have a busy work scedule this week so that I can leave Friday morning, as I will actually be attending UFC 68 (it is not too far from me). So this is a quick analysis, pretty much from the top of my head. So, I am looking forward to the event, but I am not actually too thrilled about the actual fight card.

I have been calling this card the “Redneck showdown” for awhile now. Ok, there are two darker guys on the undercard but thats it and not much international representation: Babalu (Brazil), Jason MacDonald (Canada). This is especially evident after the varied iternational card we had last week with Pride where we had fighters from Russia, Holland, Japan, Brazil, Norway…etc (no I dont want to start a UFC vs Pride debate).

In the interest of time, here is my take on the bouts that interest me the most:

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