Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Appeal launched for Krysa’s ECC fight

The backers for mixed martial artist Shaun Krysa of Ontario have launched a protest with the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority following his loss Saturday for the Extreme Cage Combat lightweight belt at the Halifax Forum.

The boxing authority regulates all combat sports in the province.

Krysa lost the match to Pictou County’s Jason Mackay when the ring doctor stopped the contest after an accidental foul when Mackay struck Krysa in the chin with an up-kick.

Mackay won the decision 19-18, 19-18, 19-18 on the scorecards despite being deducted for the kick. Both fighters were 4-0 entering the match.

Krysa was knocked woozy by the kick.

Chris Boreland, Krysa’s coach and the head of Boreland’s Combat team, filed the protest on grounds that under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts a fighter may not kick the head of a grounded opponent. Krysa was on his knees and Mackay on his back at the time of the kick.

Boreland maintains the kick was not accidental and Mackay should have been disqualified. Boreland said he had not heard back from the NSBA as of late Monday afternoon.


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