Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bas Rutten Sets The Record Straight.

By Bas Rutten

Yo, yo, yo!
Here is a piece that I send to MMAWEEKLY, they wanted to me to come on the radio, the same as Sherdog, but I feel that its totall BS what the commission did so I didn't want to give it time, but, just to keep you guys up dated, here is what I wrote, and its the truth. Morphine? No freaking way, I don't even know how to get that shit (like my Doctor would give me that, he knew I was going to fight), here it is...... I added a little to make you better understand.
This is to Mick Hammond.

Hey there Mick!

OK, here we go, otherwise people might think that I am a painkiller/morphine addict.

Check this out also, because they made up a story about this.

I was going to get an injection in my chest from my Doctor just before the fight.
The injection in the chest was for my pulled rib, I had to pay $59 to get my Doctor in the dressing room (so they KNEW that he was going to do it, I told them for what it was), but than when he came in it was suddenly against the rules? That was a rip off; they just made an extra $59!

Than they made up a story that I tried to sneak my Doctor in to put a shot in my chest and that they caught me with that?

This is why I am still in conflict with them because they make stuff up and I don't approve that of course and if I have to, I go in front of the whole commission with this.

BUT....this was the best for me because apparently they forgot that they were filming a documentary on me, so I have it all on film!

The room is 15 by 15 feet big, there is an inspector there also, how can I sneak a Doctor in there and he's going to shoot me up, plus for the documentary we wanted to put it on film? That’s just not possible, but just to make sure, we have it on film so they can take a look at that.

The prescription painkiller.
A pulled rib, torn ACL and meniscus, plus a torn groin muscle. That was a nice little package that I had and a painkiller would help sleep also with that (that’s what my family Doctor told me and gave to me, so I thought it would be NOT tested, if I knew, I would have never done it, I even showed the bottle to the inspector in my dressing room).

Than I took a Norco around 1 PM on the day of the fight, because the bottle says "take every 6 hours" this way I thought it would not have an effect on me anymore since that stuff slows your reflexes down, my fight was going to be around 9PM, so that would give it 2 hours extra.

They didn't say anything about Benadryl and the Morphine, but I can tell you that I didn’t take morphine 100%, it was also not in the letter that I received from them, same as for the Benadryl, I didn’t take that either. Maybe Norco is morphine related or something? One thing for sure, I NEVER took morphine, and Benadryl, common, WTF? I didn’t have a cold and like that would help me…..

As for Marijuana with the other fighters, what's up with that he? Why would they test for that? If you fight on all that stuff (marijuana, painkillers, valium) and win, they should actually give you an extra price because you have no reflexes! Haha!
But I think that I came up with something that they (The commission) can use.
They should tell you that these drugs (marijuana, painkillers, valium etc.) are illegal because they (the drugs) put yourself in danger. Your reaction slows down and you might get hurt more easily by your opponent, and since they are there for the safety of the fighters....... See? Now people understand why it's illegal.
I always thought that they were going to test you for performance enhancing drugs like, cocaine, speed, steroids, etc, not for the ones that slow you down.
Tell me, who would think they would test for stuff like that?

That’s it Mick! Have a good one!


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