Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dan Marks Wins at Kezar Stadium

This Saturday Dan Marks fought and won another impressive victory. At only :56 seconds of the first round, Marks finished Albert Hill with a tight armbar, forcing the tapout.

After an odd spinning back kick attempt, Marks settled down and secured a deep double-leg take down that saw his opponent being lifted well over Marks' head and subsequently slammed to the canvas below. Marks held on to side control and methodically attacked Hill's left arm.

Marks' last two fight have lasted a combined time of one minute and forty three seconds.

- Zack Yngojo defeats Ricardo Moreira TKO 1:14 R1
- Walter Patterson defeats Richard Collingham SUB (armbar) 1:48 R1
- Kurt Osiander defeats Luiz Sanchez SUB (rear naked choke) 2:08 R1
- John Brosowke defeats Drew Montgomery SUB (neck crank) 1:04 R2
- Ed Lavelle defeats Nelson Ocampo DEC 3:00 R3
- Dan Marks defeats Albert Hill SUB (armbar) 0:56 R1
- Nick Theotikos defeats Eric Lawson SUB (triangle choke) 2:46 R2
- Osiris Ugarte defeats Bryan Lujan TKO 2:36 R1
- Billy Evangelista defeats Alexander Cripsim TKO 3:48 R3
- Jeremiah Metcalf defeats Josh Hinkle SUB (rear naked choke) 3:39 R2


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