Wednesday, April 4, 2007 Introduces an Internet Video Fight -- School Using Instructional Submission Fighting and Street Fighting Videos Online

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 4, 2007 -- Grappling Source, Inc. ( is pleased to announce its new website dedicated to teaching anyone how to fight by using their instructional submission fighting and street fighting videos online. Now online users can learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a form of self-defense and improve their submission fighting and street fighting abilities by logging in and using over 22 hours of video instructional fight-training available as either download videos or streaming video.

DefenseOnDemand's instructional submission fighting and street fighting videos are instantly available online to a global audience interested in learning how to fight whenever learning is convenient for them. Now anyone can gain expert fighting knowledge by logging in and using this state-of-the-art Internet Video Fight-School. Members learn MMA fighting technique through unique, Internet-based, online video fight training presented by top experts who teach members how to fight step by step and who teach you what really works in a real fight.

Lessons are designed to be easy to follow so users can learn quickly from the comfort of their own homes. All instruction is Internet-based, and there is no requirement to travel. Members simply log-on and begin learning by watching online video instruction taught by expert instructors using professional methods.

Also included is a Sports Mental Training Program that teaches you how to perform optimally under pressure, dramatically increase your self-confidence, and tap your full potential. There's also a complete fitness video program presented by their own Certified Personal Trainer showing you how to tone up, gain lean muscle, and lose body fat correctly.

Grappling Source CEO - Daniel Gonzalez, recently stated: "DefenseOnDemand is a powerful distance learning experience. We think that it's the most complete Internet Video Fight-School in the World. There's nothing like it anywhere on the Internet. They currently have over 22 hours of online Internet video fight training covering ground-fighting and street kickboxing, along with tons of world-class submission ground-fighting action, fitness programs, and a Sports Mental Training Program, all available at the touch of a button and straight to your computer. DefenseOnDemand is the most effective and comprehensive Internet Video Fight-School available online today."

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About Grappling Source, Inc.:
Grappling Source, Inc. was founded in 2004 in New York City and created the e-commerce platform used by The software allows owners of original video content to securely deliver their video over the Internet to a global audience. The software solution is available for licensing.

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